Reactionary to Revolutionary: The Only Path to Victory

  • Matthew,
    That is a truly outstanding speech you gave and I guess I understand a little bit more about why you were quoting Theodore Bilbo. I think we’ve come to much the same conclusion. What do you think about my idea of embracing the idea of reparations for slavery and Jim Crow as a rhetorical device for opening up a dialogue?

  • Leslie H. Higgins

    Fantastic speech! Wish I was there! It was really a riot when that fellow volunteered to take up arms to drive the Blacks from Detroit, but seriously you gave an awesome speech with a coherent model of local activism.

    As a political and philosophical thinker, I don’t care about posturing, and will always feel at home alongside Russell Kirk and other reactionaries. But seeing the French Spring, not to mention the Battle of May Day, the conservative revolutionary movement holds the promise of the future.

Council of Conservative Citizens

By: Matthew Heimbach

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