“Forget the laws of human rights” Rodrigo Duterte and Strongman Leadership

The mantra of the Left is that leaders are supposed to be good puppets of multinational corporations, the Zionist lobby, and international bankers. These forces that influence and control many world leaders are pushing us in the progressive view of history, into a brave new world without borders, racial identity, or religious values. The cornerstone of the New World Order is having weak and ineffective leaders who serve globalism more than their own people, so every time I see a national leader who stands up for his Faith, Family and Folk; I feel duty-bound to give them my support. Continue reading

President elect Rodrigo Duterte's policy "Kill your local drug dealer"

Segregation Forever: Slate’s Genocidal Wishful Thinking on Policy and Race

Slate’s presenting a series of articles, Tomorrow’s Test, a series on White Genocide; how to accelerate it, exacerbate it, and enforce it in our public schools. An animated infographic demonstrates how White communities have been invaded and how fewer White children enjoy the privilege of being among their own people. Were the infographic showcasing the White displacement of Amerindians in the 18th Century or the Han displacement of Tibetans, it would conclude with a guilt-soaked plea for reparations or justice. But since we’re talking about White families, the infographic concludes with a demand to stamp out the remaining White communities.

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Primordial Reality: A Very Brief Introduction to Ethnonationalist Ideas

As a young kid, my parents took me on a Caribbean Cruise on the very upper-class Holland-America Cruise Line. I noticed that every employee was from a different country. I must have seen 100 different nationalities. They had their country of origin on their name tags. It even became an advertising gimmick.

I soon discovered that there was a sinister reason for this. It turns out that when the employees were all from Holland, they had a tendency to go on strike and demand higher pay on a regular basis. They were similar in culture, language and loyalties. They had a strong foundation for collective action and to communicate grievances. The company responded by making sure that each ship had so many different nationalities on board that even communication – let alone union organization – was possible. Continue reading

Against Global Capitalism

The New World Order Against Venezuela

One of the things that really grinds my gears is when nationalists refuse to support other nationalists because another movement might fall on a different part of the political spectrum in regards to economics or some social policy. The global alliance against internationalism encompasses a wide variety of religious traditions, ethnicities, and cultural values. If Orthodox Russia, Shia Iran, Secular Syria, and atheistic China can work together in an economic, military, and political bloc against Zionism and the forces of the New World Order, all nationalists should find ways to put aside these tangential differences and stand united against the forces of neo-colonial global capitalism.

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The “Prole Gap” in White Nationalism

The recent meteoric rise of Donald Trump has served to temporarily mask that fact that we nationalists in America are dreadfully lagging our brothers abroad in Europe. I’ll spare the reader yet another volume in the ever-growing library of Trumpology, but what is clear is that he serves as a break from, an exception to, and a cult of personality in opposition to the rest of America’s political landscape. Trump is exceptional.

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