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Eric Striker

The Cuckservatives

By: Eric Striker (2 responses.)

Trigger Warning: Not safe for work. Sexual imagery.

While collecting evidence for the sequel to my interracial porn article that I will include in my upcoming book, I came across one especially disturbing video. In it, a black man breaks into a couple’s home, with a trashy looking bottle blonde and her middle-aged white husband. The black man brings a gun, has sex with the wife, and ejaculates inside of her as the middle-aged white man pleas for him desperately not to do the last part, “Please don’t, not inside her please! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” the wimp cries.

Afterwards, the woman takes the gun from the negro, points it at her husband’s head, and says “eat those black babies”, he subsequently goes on to do something really gross. After having his “cuckfood” (the video’s title), he gives them $10,000 dollars when his now ex-wife says “me and Elvis are going to run away together”. He lays in the fetal position and wimpers.

I’m sure Libertarians will tell me that this kind of trash has no effect whatsoever on the minds of the (mostly) black men who watch it on the many free porn sites.

The video was produced by a company called “Dog Fart”, a smut enterprise overseeing numerous interracial porn sites with lovely titles such as : “Watching My Daughter Go Black”, “Watching My Mother Go Black”, and “Cuckold Sessions”. The entrepreneur, pursuing the “American Dream” (as cuckservatives say) through this avenue, is none other than Cable Rosenberg. Just where oh where would the West be without its Rosenbergs constantly driving innovation forward.

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Matt Parrott

The Logic of Racial Justice Rhetoric (Part II)

By: Matt Parrott (11 responses.)

Guest Post by Drew Franklin


The first half of my essay, The Logic of Racial Justice Rhetoric (Part I), I examined American racial politics from the Leftist perspective that I had held dearly for pretty much my entire life. I’m posting my second and final installment here to confirm that I’ve left the Left in favor of TradYouth’s consistent and principled identitarian perspective.

How does a committed antifa ideologue flip within the course of a few hours? Easily, actually. I just went on a brief stroll and confronted the naked contradictions, flagrant double-standards, and metapolitical power dynamics of the position I’ve been pushing for all these years and realized that it’s all bullshit.

Basically, I’ve just been anti-White this whole time. It’s clear to me, now. If Whites try to help minorities, they’re White Saviors. If they try to avoid helping minorities, they’re Segregationists. If Whites try to ignore the whole thing, they’re being Colorblind. Even if Whites try to politely ask what they’re supposed to do given the fact that every single option is vilified, we scold them to “step up, step back” and allot their question time to non-Whites.

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Matt Parrott

Lessons from the Trump Fiasco

By: Matt Parrott (9 responses.)

After several weeks of leading American conservatives and even a good share of radicals in our own camp to believe that they’ve finally found a powerful and confident candidate who speaks for them, Trump has clarified his position on illegal immigration, confirming that he’s indistinguishable from the rest of the pack:

  • Focus on deporting the criminals
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for the “good ones”
  • Amnesty for illegal immigrant minors
  • Silence on Birthright Citizenship

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Thomas Buhls

People’s Rights, People’s Behavior, and An On-Going Social Issue in America

By: Thomas Buhls (One response.)


1416934423-USPeople’s Rights, People’s Behavior, and An On-Going Social Issue in America

by Cornell Kimball

Written on a Receipt

On September 7, 2013, at a Red Lobster restaurant in an outer suburb of Nashville, a customer paid for a to-go dinner with a credit card, and on the receipt he wrote “none” for the tip. Later the next day the customer, who was white, learned that a photo of his credit card receipt for that meal, complete with his name and account information, was posted on the Facebook page of the black waitress who’d taken care of that order. And on the receipt, under the word “none” for the tip, was the word “N****r.” Thus, it said “ TIP   none N****r .” The black waitress alleged the white customer wrote the n-word and the customer denied that he’d written it.

The waitress was temporarily suspended from her job because she’d violated company policy by giving out a customer’s personal information. The customer, meanwhile, had to immediately change his bank account because his account information had been posted on the Internet. That wasn’t all — because the Facebook post made him out to be a racist, he began receiving death threats.

Two days after that the waitress was back working her shift at that Red Lobster. The corporate media relations unit put out a statement that gave sympathy to the waitress and said that the use of any derogatory or offensive language wouldn’t be tolerated in their restaurants. Management went with the waitress’s side of things. Read more…

Matthew Heimbach

African Traditionalists Against the Globalist Homosexual Agenda

By: Matthew Heimbach (7 responses.)

While I often spend my time discussing issues of morality and Identity within the Western world, we cannot forget the struggle for Faith, family and folk is a global one. While the West has fallen into degeneracy and has fallen nearly hook, line, and sinker for the radical homosexual agenda, the African people and many of their leaders are standing strong for Traditional values.

As European nationalists, we must understand that the globalist System is working to undermine both families and nations around the world. The agenda that began in the Western world is now spreading like a cancer to nations which have thus far resisted the siren song of Modernity. The global elites use controlled politicians and the media to promote their toxic values to every people and culture on this planet and for this reason the battle over Traditional values in Africa is important to all Traditionalists. Each country that falls to the modernist worldview is another domino falling on the path to total global victory for organized Judeo-Masonic power. Nationalists from Europe to Asia to America to Africa are all fighting for the same thing, a healthy future for their descendants and a morally upright world. As I always like to say: same enemy, same barricades.

European and African nationalists unite against the homosexual agenda

European and African nationalists unite against the Jewish homosexual agenda

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