TradWorker Featured on PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour visited us earlier this month, gathering several hours worth of footage which they boiled down to a ten minute hit piece. Despite the cuts to random unrelated klan rallies, the fancy Black lady calling us racist, some loose editing, and the typical shenanigans, I believe our message and our motives got through. We’re advocates for our people who are working to deliver practical solutions and genuine support for White working families. Continue reading


Black Jeopardy and White Identity

This election cycle has been a rough one for normie-tier white pseudointellectuals. No matter how hard they try, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and that “liberal but not radical” friend from high school on Facebook just can’t seem to look like they have anything smart to say about what’s going on. The neoliberals have had nothing to contribute except for “Wow, just wow!” and “Come on, it’s current year!

With mere weeks before the finale, they’ve taken an impressive buzzer shot with a Saturday Night Live skit that attempts to make an intelligent and funny point about the prevailing zeitgeist. The point is that the rapidly growing White underclass increasingly shares the alienation, sense of “disempowerment,” and “suspicion of authority” which has typified America’s black underclass for generations. Their joke is that all those racist Trump voters have more in common with minorities than they realize. Continue reading


We’ve Already Won

Personally, I think they’re calling it a bit early.

The advanced statistical models simply can’t tell how many “shy Trumpers” and “new voters” Trump has up his sleeve. Just as Trump performed better in open primaries than in closed primaries, and better still than in the caucuses, Trump is likely to perform even better than the projections in the national election. I definitely didn’t see any homemade Romney signs along the road, after all. And I certainly don’t recall seeing any McCain support in any truck stop bathroom stalls.

How much will this strange new populist support from populations and subcultures who haven’t been engaged in the political process for decades actually weigh? I’m not sure, but my guess is that it’s more than the “zero” that Nate Silver and pals are factoring into their models. The media has effectively made it taboo to publicly “signal” in favor of Trump, but the ballot box is a Thermopylae of social pressure where dad can vote for his job, his border wall, and his way of life without catching static from his wife and his wife’s daughter about tabloid media scandals.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Christian Anarcho-Nationalism in the USSR

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a new episode of The Orthodox Nationalist concentrating on two New Martyrs and the ideology that they died for.

St. Valentin Sventsitsky (killed 1928 – pictured above) and Andrei of Ufa (killed 1936-1944), were both New Martyrs for Christian Nationalism and Anarchism in the USSR. During the worst years of Jesuit-Jewish repression in Ukraine, the Athonite elder Ivan Vysenskyj forcefully restated the Nationalist-Anarchist teaching that would later be revived by the Old Believers, Nepluyev and St. Andrei of Ufa. Ignored in the west (and for clearly good reason), Monk Ivan mocked and verbally assaulted the oligarchy in all its forms and guises.
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My Speech to the Workers’ Party of Social Justice

I had the pleasure to visiting with comrades of Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti (DSSS), the Workers’ Party of Social Justice, in the Czech Republic. These brave men and women are bravely on the front lines fighting for the future of the Czech people. I was originally scheduled to give a speech at an anti-EU rally that was hosted by a large number of organizations, but some cuckservative elements of Czech reactionaries (not nationalists) blocked that. I was pleased to give my talk to the DSSS at a Party meeting after the rally and afterward was able to meet with Mr. Tomáš Vandas, Chairman of the DSSS. Below is my speech in both English and Czech. Continue reading