February Reading Discussion: Metaphysics of Sex

January 30, 2015 in Commentary

Who’s ready for some sexy philosophy?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re returning to Julius Evola for a short reading from his Metaphysics of Sex.

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Please read the section titled “The Metaphysics of Modesty” on pages 96 – 101.  The question of modesty and whether it is absolute or relative never ceases to be a relevant question.  Is the female body truly so dangerous that we should have legislation and social controls to forcibly conceal a woman’s arms, legs, or face?  How do men perform modesty, and is it equally important for men?

What would Evola say about well meaning women who wear yoga pants to church or other mundane places, and the infamous topless protests by Femen.  Alternately, how about men who wear muscle shirts (or no shirts) outside the gym.  Does protection of the law justify this kind of behavior by men and women, and if it does, what should the law look like?  If protection of the law does not justify immodest behavior, why is this the case?  Should the state have any authority to legislate forms of modesty, or should this be the sole responsibility of and within the jurisdiction of social pressures?

There are no correct answers to these questions, and I doubt that we’ll even arrive at a consensus.  Come prepared for the reading discussion, and be prepared to give as good of an argument that you will get. Read the rest of this entry →

Palestinian Terror: Israeli War Crimes Against Civilians

January 27, 2015 in Commentary

A funeral for Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs that landed on their apartment complex.

A funeral for Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs that landed on their apartment complex.

Israel has long been able to get away with their blatant war crimes that they have committed over the past several decades by hiding behind the United States and the various shabbos goy organizations set up and funded to advance the Israeli agenda throughout the world, it looks like now finally that the chickens are coming home to roost for the Zionist State. With charges being levied by Arabs to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations in regards to the genocidal campaign through both military means and demographic displacement of the Arab population of Palestine and the Middle East, it is looking like Israel might finally have to answer for its crimes.

The most recent report put out by Physicians for Human Rights is one of the most damning pieces of evidence that Israel knowingly and willingly violates basic human rights and codes of civilized conduct in regards to warfare. The report can be read in its entirety here. Physicians for Human Rights outline that Israel frequently commits what are known as “double tap” attacks on primarily civilian targets. Israeli military forces would bomb an area, inflicting casualties on the civilian population and then launch a secondary strike when emergency medical personnel had arrived on the scene to help the wounded. These attacks inflicted horrendous casualties on paramedics and doctors who were attempting to save the lives of those who had been injured or maimed in the first attack on the area. This strategy was repeated throughout operation “Protective Shield” in various areas of Palestinian territory, including civilian marketplaces, schools and apartment complexes. Read the rest of this entry →

Don’t Get Feministed

January 26, 2015 in Commentary


I’ll make my own damn sandwich because everyone knows that a feminist can’t make a sandwich to save her life.

What’s wrong with women? What’s wrong with men?  What’s wrong with me?  If you’ve been reading and sharing articles that try to answer those questions you might be part of the problem.  The manosphere and nearby reading circles have taken on a silly penchant tough-love news and placing blame anywhere that they can get an “amen!” to back up their choice.  They’re making the problem worse.

Playing the blame game and venting social frustrations every time that a bias confirmation comes along will leave the door open to receive some truly awful advice, and feminists are hip to this game.  Conservative men just love to tell women how to behave, and they get an even bigger kick out of seeing conservative women telling men (and occasionally other women) how to behave.

Nobody likes a male feminist.  Nobody.  And nobody should like a female manosphere advocate either. Read the rest of this entry →

Become a Legionnaire Today: The Necessity of Avalon

January 22, 2015 in Commentary

Excalibur SwordThe White Nationalist movement in America is animated by the belief that current social and demographic trends portend the decline, displacement, persecution, and replacement of our people. The word “animated” is a bit of a misnomer, because it implies action of some kind. Cartoonish perhaps, …but not animated. One would think that such a belief would inspire action. After all, we believe that our very survival, and that of our future generations, is endangered.

People are inspired to action to lower their taxes a few percentage points, to raise fast food wages incrementally, and to donate to PBS’s television programming; but not to save their extended family from oblivion?

One would imagine that more time, money, and energy would go into White Nationalism than Sesame Street, given that profound existential threats are presumably more important than children’s puppet shows. It’s not that there are too few of us who believe this. There are at least hundreds of thousands of White Nationalists of various stripes in America, and that’s enough to spearhead a meaningful political movement. There are taboos and occupational threats between those folks and supporting nationalist projects, but they would find a way around those challenges if there were even a modicum of motivation to do so. Aside from a handful of limp-wristed “watchdog” groups which amount to glorified and overpaid bloggers, and a few hundred dysfunctional and self-destructive “antifa” degenerates, there’s not much meaningful opposition.

There’s not much going on to oppose, after all.

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#OpenbordersforIsrael: Israel Must Progress Into The 21st Century

January 21, 2015 in Commentary

Open Borders for IsraelConfuscius Say: When Jew Jewliciously ajewses you, you must Jewdiciously Jew him back.  

The social media trend #OpenbordersforIsrael is a turning point in history. Every Western country on Earth, from Australia to Argentina, prospers in multiculturalism and secular humanism thanks mostly to the constitution of our intellectual, political, and financial vangaurd, undoubtedly guided by the high-minded Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam.

In Australia, Zionist organizations came together together to lead and mediate efforts of racial (and financial, courtesy of the contemporary tax payer) reconciliation to correct the historical injustice of the white man introducing the wheel to Aborigines.  In America, Jews led and financed the entire Civil Rights movement which, at gunpoint, reinterpreted the constitutional right to freedom of association as a “living, breathing” amendment, which we all know has dramatically improved the lives of black people.

Even teenie weenie widdle Uruguay, a remarkably white enclave often referred to as the “Switzerland of the South” due to its sophistication, education-level, and prosperity in comparison to the multi-racial success stories of South America, has been in recent years the beneficiary of Jewish compassion, with aggressive anti-racist demonstrations organized and funded by Latin America’s B’nai B’rith, despite no real history of lynchings, racial conflict, or significant discrimination against its black minority. Read the rest of this entry →