Against #LateFeudalism: Focus on Welfare, not Castles

July 30, 2014 in Commentary

8017597Both capitalism and democracy are a shakedown, but you’re selling yourself into a completely different kind of shakedown if you think that a return of late feudalism is going to make things better.  Chances are you can do just as well without it– maybe better.

For the people who have already sold themselves on the #LateFeudalism campaign, I want you all to stop a moment and ask yourself why you’re interested in it.  Is it because of castles, and kings, and the glorified agrarian lifestyle?  Don’t get me wrong, I think I could be very happy living on a farm, but I want you to stop thinking of a political system that strikes your fancy and political biases.  I want you to look at your ends, or your objectives, and then critically look around to see if those ends are achievable where you are now.

The late feudal period gets a lot of props from its supporters because of some supposed 4 – 6 hour workday.  That sounds a whole lot better than the mythological eight-hour workday that contemporary labor union supporters boast about.  Last I checked, most people who get an eight hour work day aren’t making enough money support a family, let alone themselves.  The ones that do earn enough on an eight hour workday are probably doing two jobs at once, or they’re one of the lucky few who landed a white collar corporate executive job.  But, let’s not get wound up around the axle arguing about how many hours a day is the “right” number of hours to work.  That would be like arguing over whether or not the 7 Minute Abs program is better than the 15 Minute Abs program, and it would just as worthless because nobody likes doing crunches. Read the rest of this entry →

Why We Need Hillary to Win: The Fire Rises

July 28, 2014 in Commentary

Given the endless coverage by FOX news and Bill O’Reilly of poll after poll after speculation with Charles Krauthammer over whether Hillary can win, will Hillary run and can Rand Paul beat Hillary, I am going to assume the 2016 election has already begun.

Of course in line with this excessively premature hysteria about Hillary Clinton, conservatives, libertarians, populists, Tea Partiers and Christian fundamentalists are all in a twit over the future prospects of Hilary Clinton become the next president of these states united.

Hail comrade Clinton. The final nail in the coffin of America, a nation needing to die.

Hail comrade Clinton. The final nail in the coffin of America, a nation needing to die.

When musing about Hillary’s potential win or not, too many conservatives operate under the false assumption that with Hilary we’re dead, with a Republican we’re not, even though we know the GOP will lie to us, betray us and ultimately not fulfill any of their promises to control the border, protect babies in the womb and marriage in the end.

Hence, after having observed and lived in the reign of soft-tyranny under Barrack Obama, I have begun to analyze the prospective reign of Hillary Clinton in the same light as I have under Barrack Obama—that being that Barrack Obama was the best thing that has happened to the American Right since the secession of the Cotton States in 1860. Read the rest of this entry →

Jumping the Fence: Obama Goes Rogue on Immigration

July 26, 2014 in Commentary

But Wait, There's More!

But Wait, There’s More!

America still features a White majority, and it will remain White for decades to come. The demographic subset of that willing and able to vote in elections will remain solidly White for even more decades to come. White Advocates like myself are the first to highlight the extremely rapid demographic transformation of America, but even with Obama ratcheting up the immivasion knob to 11, American electoral politics still require a large minority of White Americans to vote for the blue team.

The Democratic Party relies on tens of millions of middle-class and working-class White Americans. There simply aren’t enough Jews, homosexuals, and academic hipster types to keep the DNC afloat. Especially given the implosion of labor unions, largely caused by prior open borders initiatives, the Democratic Party is in danger of being gutted by Obama’s lame duck hardball attempt to ram through the third world agenda he had been attempting to politely massage through for his entire tenure. Read the rest of this entry →

Heroes, Myths, and Legends– More than Comics

July 25, 2014 in Commentary

Marvel-Heroes-Wallpaper_opt-1Thor, Captain America, and Archie have all bit the bullet of liberlism.  Iron Man isn’t far behind either, but the word in the street is, “so what?”

Why SHOULD anyone care about America’s super heroes being transformed via transgender, transracial, and social-justice suicide? .I suppose it’s making a mountain out of a mole hill because I don’t know anybody who ever regularly read these comics growing up.  Nobody is really upset about some lame comics being twisted into a multi-culti liberalism circle jerk.  What people are upset about is deeper than a change of narrative, and closer to the heart.

The heroes, myths, and legends that we read about in comics are not simply about daily entertainment.  There’s enough to laugh at in this world without having to take in the funny pages, and the purpose that comics serve are deeper than base humor.  Comics are one form of folklore that we use to tell the stories about the heroes, myths, and legends of our people.

The stories that we see and hear in comics, books, newspapers, movies, or from our friends while recounting one of many versions of the stories associated with mythical heroes are also related to transmission of cultural norms.  Standards for conduct, expected values, and shared passions are disseminated through a variety or media when we retell the stories of our heroes. Read the rest of this entry →

Ethnarchism: An Alternative to Anarcho-Tyranny

July 24, 2014 in Commentary

Chivalric KnightMen Must Be Controlled

The great paradox of American politics is that the grand experiment in freedom has resulted in more tyranny than the traditional monarchies and theocracies of yore could fathom in their darkest fever dreams. This “free society” is drowning in far more red tape than Hitler’s fascist regime. Our police state has become far more pervasive and invasive than Mussolini’s fascist regime. Our prison complex rivals North Korea‘s and even our public schools commonly feature armed guards, metal detectors, and elaborate electronic surveillance systems.

Depressive realism dictates that men must be controlled. One way or another, our impulses must be regulated. There are three cardinal means of regulating human behavior: indoctrination, social influence, and direct force. In American society, a broad generational decline in inculcation of moral codes and the steady disintegration of ethnic, social, and communal ties entail that the third and final means of control is increasingly necessary: direct force.

Sam Francis explored the phenomenon of secularism and multiculturalism leading inexorably to a totalitarian society in his writings on Anarcho-Tyranny, noting in Chronicles that, Read the rest of this entry →