A Public Response to Metropolitan Savas Zembillas

November 21, 2014 in Commentary

Metropolitan Savas

Metropolitan Savas

His Eminence, Metropolitan Savas Zembillas has seen it necessary and appropriate to speak on behalf of the Church in political matters against Matthew Heimbach, rewarding the virulently anti-Christian (of all denominations) SPLC political organization with a quote for its latest smear piece on our work in general and our comrade Matthew Heimbach in particular, East of Eden.

Metropolitan Savas Zembillas, chairman of the Committee for Church and Society of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, says that they just don’t understand Orthodoxy. According to Savas, it’s not unusual to encounter “converts to Orthodoxy who came in carrying baggage from other jurisdictions, just barely Orthodox, still wet from their chrismations [the ceremony through which one becomes a member of the Orthodox Church]. But they came to Orthodoxy because they imagined it reinforced their deepest held convictions, which were on the spectrum that would lead to Nazism, although not yet there.”

Perhaps to Father’s surprise, the journalist couched his quote in an article essentially accusing the Eastern Orthodox of being guilty of facilitating Nazism, racism, sexism, and all manner of frightful -isms. Had he taken the time to more carefully research the organization before contributing to an attack on Orthodox adherents, he would have perhaps reconsidered lending his impressive title and eminent achievements to such a contemptible organization. He may have also pondered more carefully whether it’s prudent to publicly remark (especially in a presumptuous and hostile manner) about the spiritual growth of a recent Orthodox convert. Read the rest of this entry →

Indicting Darren Wilson (or Somebody Very Similar)

November 18, 2014 in Commentary

fitqiqzha4sd0o0pwfiwA Grand Jury is set to return a decision on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, and the masses are gathering in anticipation of… something.

Protesters and demonstrators might more properly be understood as mob-precursors in this case, but their organizers are publicly declaring that they want their protests to be peaceful whatever the Grand Jury declares.  Michael Brown’s mother, Leslie Mcspadden, is “praying for an indictment” when she ought to be praying that she isn’t sent to jail for alleged felony armed robbery.  Neither of those two predicaments have stopped Mcspadden from taking her show on the road to the United Nations to talk about how her son “was a good boy” and that “he didn’t do nuff’n.”  On the home front, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency requesting National Guard soldiers to help protect order, police are massing for potential chaos, the protesters have put together their own list of party supplies, and somewhere there’s a key witness whose narrative will collapse on national television.  There’s going to be a hell of a party in Ferguson, and it won’t matter what the Grand Jury decides.

The only consistent thing about the happenings in Ferguson is that all parties involved have been really good at doubling down on injustice.  Did Michael Brown rob a convenience store?  It doesn’t even seem to matter anymore.  You can go read about how a Grand Jury is supposed to work, but we’re just throw all that shit out the window.  We’re obviously on a different spectrum of (in)justice right now.  If it was only some silly law that was broken then we could have cleared this up by now, but we’re talking about some serious business here– a brotha was disrespected by the po-lice.  God FORBID that a brotha lose face over a petty crime, so clearly Michael Brown figured it was a better choice to attack a cop than to just get out of the middle of the road and stop obstructing traffic. Read the rest of this entry →

Enter Avalon: Stop Dying for Conservative, Inc.

November 17, 2014 in Commentary

ca9f034e126df36333b8525b67723cc9How long have you been a conservative, and how long has it been a failing game?  They’re called “Republicants” for a reason– it’s because they can’t get anything done.  There’s a way out of those problems, and there’s nothing about it that requires you to sever yourself from the past.  It’s more like the other way around because we require that you bring your past with you to Avalon.

The Avalonian identity is comprised of English-speaking White Americans who’ve returned to their pre-schismatic Christian roots, embracing Orthodox Christianity. It’s an identity and a culture, one which rejects much of Western “progress” in favor of traditional communities and lifestyles dictated by the rhythms of God and ancient Christendom rather than the ideologies and technologies which dominate Modernity.  This is your path away from Conservatism, and Republican “promises.”

Conservatism is a losing a losing game.  It always has been, always will be, and your involvement in a conservative movement isn’t going to make it any better.  No, the best thing you can do if you believe in conservative values is to find someone who isn’t going to betray you on every issue when it really counts.  Republicans have a majority in both houses of congress now?  Cool story, bro.  It won’t make a difference.  Okay, it is unfair of me to say that the Republicans can’t get anything done, because they do a really great job at getting us involved in really big wars.  You know, the ones that our sons and daughters keep getting maimed and killed in?  Those same kids probably took it for granted that they were going off to war for peace, liberty, and the American way, and the reason why is because those 19 and 20 year old kids never knew a time that America wasn’t hard at work making war somewhere else in the world.  Unless you’re any older than 30 you probably don’t remember what America was like between the Gulf War (aka “round one”) and the war in Iraq, let alone the relatively happy time that existed before the Gulf War started in the early 90s. Read the rest of this entry →

Dreams and Reflections in my White Child’s Eyes

November 11, 2014 in Commentary

Mere et Enfant Dans le Jardin, by Hippolyte Camille Delpy

Mere et Enfant Dans le Jardin

Child, I have dreamt of you. Precious and vulnerable, dependent on the the nurture of your mother and protection of your father. Your curls of gold and eyes of sky suggest a history which most can only superficially sense, the crisp angles of your foremost features shall one day assume – the blueprints of which are detectable underneath that still and soft countenance – are marks of a noble struggle.

In your veins flows the life force of the true. Those who came before you masterminded the construction of the pyramids, laid down the path of the Silk Roads and defended the home by the means of the Crusades. They were gladiators, Spartans and tradesmen. From the harmony of Pax Romana to the plague of the Middle Ages, they persisted. Michelangelo, Mozart and Shakespeare touched upon the soul of the creator with paint, melody and word respectively. Read the rest of this entry →

What on Earth is an Avalonian?

November 10, 2014 in Commentary

Avalonian Triple Cross

Over on the right-hand side of the website, you’ll find a new link to our “Avalonian Societies” page. Should you have any questions about them which aren’t answered either by the page or by this post, we encourage you to ask in a comment on this post and we’ll try our best to explain the reasoning behind “our” call for the rejection of the “American” identity altogether in favor of this radical alternative.

Death to America

The American Revolutionary War was a regicidal revolt of greedy merchants against throne and altar, a Masonic plot contrived by wealthy peasants and Jews contemptuous of traditional aristocracy and ecclesiastical stewardship. To the extent that the founders and the founding generation were Christian, European, and virtuous, it was the extent to which they had failed to fully develop and manifest their vaunted ideals of freedom, egalitarianism, materialism, secularism, and all else mercantile. While the founding generation happened to be White, and more or less retained a sense of racial identity for a few generations, there was no meaningful commitment to our European identity, only a lingering collection of biases and demographic realities of the time.

“America” is antithetical to faith, family, and folk. It always has been, and it always will be. To the extent that it has appeared to align with these things in the past, they’ve been unprincipled exceptions to a metaphysical vision and metapolitical order in which the “pursuit of happiness” is more sacred and cherished. Unlike our European sister identities abroad who have legitimate traditional identities within easy reach, we do not. This is not to say that we as a people are uniquely devoid of identity, or that our identity is integrally decadent and mercantile. Our traditional identity is within reach, as well. We must, however, reach a bit further back in time. Read the rest of this entry →