Breaking: Trump is WORSE than Hitler!

Like a tranny who’s struggling to open a jar a few weeks after “her” operation, the Washington Post just can’t seem to control public opinion anymore, no matter how hard it squeezes and strains. To claim that they’re losing their cool about Trump’s seemingly invincible national populist revolution would be an understatement. After over a year of softly and self-consciously implying and suggesting that Trump is kinda-sorta Hitlerish, they’ve officially spilled their spaghetti: Trump isn’t basically Hitler, Trump’s worse than Hitler!

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Traditionalism on Trial

In this week’s Orthodox Nationalist Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes a recent attack on Traditionalist Christianity coming from within the Orthodox church itself and concerning both him and Matthew Heimbach directly.

A trial has been set by a faction of the Autonomous Orthodox metropolia of the Americas. The target is Matthew Heimbach, but the scapegoat is Matthew Raphael Johnson. The Canadian Bishop Joseph Royer has threatened to leave the Synod if Heimbach and his allies are not removed. No clear reason has been given other than he is politically incorrect. This bishop seems to have no functional knowledge of theology and no steady principles of any kind.

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RE: Fred Reed on White Nationalists

I had the honor of meeting Fred Reed nearly a decade ago. I doubt he remembers me or even knows what I look like. I’m not sure if he knows what much of anything looks like given his Vietnam combat injuries. Thanks to the miracle of modern optometry, Fred’s been watching our movement for a long time. While he’s integrally not one of us (he has a Mestiza spouse and hops the border more than a drug mule), he’s always been especially open-minded and inquisitive about our minority faction, its motives, and goals.

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“French Values” and the Burkini

The center-Right of European politics loves to signal racial awareness, while keeping everything entirely kosher. One cannot help to see that every time there is a true nationalist movement in Europe that is gaining ground, a pop-up alternative will emerge that is highly funded, has slick graphics and materials and is trumpeted by the media as a better choice for nationalists than the other true nationalist party.

As soon as the true nationalists have taken a ding in the polls due to the moderates in the public shifting to the more “socially acceptable” movement, that alternative disappears faster than the old snake oil salesmen would leave from a town before the people realized his concoctions wouldn’t really cure cancer or make them lose one hundred pounds overnight.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Nationalist Philosophy vs Marxist Deception

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the nationalist philosophy of Martin Heidegger with the unnatural oppression that is Marxism in this week’s Orthodox Nationalist.

Martin Heidegger is not accessible to the average American, even the average American intellectual. As it turns out, there has been a substantial effort to censor his ultimate meaning and purpose. His conception of Dasein, while esoteric to many, is ultimately about the German community in particular and ethno-nationalism in general.

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