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Matthew Heimbach

Street Action: Eyes on Wise at Marshall University

By: Matthew Heimbach (4 responses.)

Comrades, this is a call to action to once again stand up and organize against Tim Wise at one of his upcoming speeches at the “Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion” being held on September 11th at the campus of Marshall University. Their event will kick off at 8 AM and last until 3:30 PM, our goal is to stand and oppose the anti-White and anti-Christian workshops being held and then oppose the keynote speaker Tim Wise.

Our protest will begin at 10:30am outside of the building holding the event and last about an hour, the exact meeting location to be released closer to the event date. We have the opportunity to once again show that the anti-White and anti-Christian hate-filled rhetoric of Tim Wise will not be spewed without opposition.

This “Diversity and Inclusion” conference is being sponsored by a large number of schools, all of them dedicated to advancing an agenda to socially and demographically replace the European population of America and force a radical agenda of Marxist “Social Justice” down the throats of students. Of course, the conference isn’t confident enough that it can fill the seats without some form of bribery, so students will be offered college credit to sit through seven and a half hours of anti-White speeches, workshops, and seminars.

But hey, at least they get a continental breakfast out of the deal.

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Matt Parrott

Leftist Father Vows to Take Revenge on Gun that Killed his Daughter

By: Matt Parrott (14 responses.)

The media cover-up of Black-on-White crime is so blatant and pervasive that you’ve pretty much got to walk up to the media while they’re filming and shoot them live on camera to get any coverage. Even then, it’s necessary to film a backup copy yourself and publish it directly to your social media account, then send a series of faxes and tweets clearly and directly stating that you’re committing a racially motivated hate crime against Whites.

After going through all that trouble to get the point across, surely the media and greater public will pay some long-overdue attention to the fact that Black-on-White violence is pervasive and epidemic, with Black males committing over 90% of the interracial murders and over half of all murders, despite being less than a tenth of the population?


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Thomas Buhls

Idols demand blood

By: Thomas Buhls (5 responses.)

originalThe series of shootings in public places over the last couple of years are related by much, much more than the simple fact that the each of the shooters were frustrated and angry men lashing out at the world.  The men who went out and shot up these places were sociopathic, mentally ill or just plain old crazy.  There’s no two ways about it.  You’d have to be nuts to just pick up a gun and go shoot random people.

However, there is some significance to this phenomenon.  Think about where these shootings have occured.  Adam Lanza shot up a school.  James Holmes attacked people in a movie theatre.  Dylan Roof attacked black people in a Church.  Americans, most of us, worship the almighty dollar, decadent consumerism and cosmopolitan multiculturalism. Movie theatres, shopping malls and colleges become our holy sites where we “religiously” spend money and the shrine upon which we sacrifice white identity.

American society is paying the price for the new religion of Liberalism, too.  The good news is that our Idols of Liberalism are not miserly in their gifts.  They comfort and pleasure us to wild abandon.  The bad news is they will demand a blood payment for services and products rendered.  These Idols are not picky about who pays, but they will get their pound of flesh. Read more…

Matt Parrott

Trump Can Win

By: Matt Parrott (24 responses.)

From time to time, I set aside some time from my full-time career of advocating for identity and tradition to do some casual moonlighting as an analyst. I’m always open to feedback about my activism strategy, but one woefully repetitive angle relies on an appeal to authority that I’m supposedly some clueless maverick who would be doing things differently if I only understood marketing strategy, analytics, and samesuch nerd stuff. These types usually explain that our angle can “never work” because too many Americans are loyal to the Constitution, triggered by our symbolism, and in need of an especially polished angle.

Everything we’re doing is informed by analytics. I have generated hundreds of charts and reports over the years and what I feel that I’ve confirmed quantitatively is that the youth demographic we’re targeting simply isn’t going for soft angles, compromising language, and entryist “implicit whiteness” or “compassionate conservative” pablum. Millennials are starved for authenticity, masculinity, and full-throated radicalism…at least the ones which are plausibly accessible at this juncture.
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Matt Parrott

Drifting Deeper into Unreality: The New Yorker’s Dwindling Case for Sanity

By: Matt Parrott (16 responses.)

Evan Osnos was affable and well-mannered enough when he joined us at home to watch the first Republican Presidential debate with us. They almost always are. I remind myself to remain friendly and respectful with the media contacts who aren’t friendly and respectful to me, because those are the honest ones. They all believe that the ideas we stand for are not merely incorrect and not just immoral, …but outright crazy.

Some are just better than others at disguising their contempt.

Osnos’ goal in meeting with ourselves and several other White Advocates could not have been more predictable or formulaic. The story was already written before his plane touched the tarmac; Smear Donald Trump with guilt by association with racism by schmoozing with a bunch of prominent racists and confirming the obvious. Evan Osnos confirmed his keen journalistic hunch that men who favor secure borders and a better future for White Americans have a generally positive impression of Trump’s campaign thus far.

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