Iggy Azalea: Betrayal and Cultural Theft

October 16, 2014 in Commentary

Iggy Azalea: The new  globalist approved role model for young women

Iggy Azalea: The new globalist approved role model for young women

At the end of a civilization everything starts to become more and more unglued. Seemingly as a way to cope with the disintegration of culture, nation, family, and folk that is happening around them, the people turn to increasingly perverse forms of entertainment to distract them. In Rome as barbarians were at the door, the elites and upper class turned increasingly vapid and materialistic as their beloved Empire eroded in front of them.

Cultural appropriation of the barbarians was one form of coping with the radical political and social changes of the dying Empire, and in the West we see more and more than entertainment stars and even everyday Western people are abandoning their unique folk Traditions and culture and instead appropriating and poorly imitating other groups cultures, music, and customs.

The siren song of globalism, multiculturalism, and modernity is being sung from many corners, but traitors within our own ranks are far more insidious than any outside force could be. One such siren is the newly popular White “rapper” Iggy Azalea who with her number one “hits” and millions of album sales is singing the death rattle of Western civilization. Read the rest of this entry →

The Inner Crusade: Becoming A Legionary

October 14, 2014 in Commentary

The Legion is an organization founded on order and discipline.
The Legion is guided by pure nationalism which stems from an unbounded love of Nation and Country.
The Legion aims to awaken all the creative energies of the Nation to the struggle.
The Legion defends the alters of the Church which the enemy is trying to destroy.
The Legion kneels before the crosses of the heroes and martyrs of the Nation.
The Legion stands firmly on the ground before the Throne from which Princes and Kings have fought and died to defend and glorify the Fatherland.
The Legion aims to build a powerful Country. a new Romania, by strength of soul and valor of man.

-The Nest Leaders Manual by Corneliu Codreanu


The Captain: Corneliu Codreanu

The struggle facing the Western world is not a simple one. Falling birth rates, unchecked immigration from the Third World, the rise of globalism, increased domination of capital in our economic systems, a destroyed organized labor movement, the breakup of the Traditional family, abortion, and so much more are dismantling Western Civilization. In the span of only a few decades, the ancient foundations of our civilization have been attacked and torn to pieces in mainstream culture, our schools, and even our homes. Before there can be any forward motion in the war against Modernity, we must first identify why it is happening and what we must do in order to defeat our enemies. We must stop being conservatives, Right-Wingers, or Reactionaries, and we must become the only thing that can save our souls and identities: Legionaries.

There are many who view the problem of Modernity in limited terms, if we solve the immigration crisis, the Western world will be saved. Others say that if the forces of International Jewry are brought to heel, the day will be saved and the credits will roll on a European utopia. A third group says that by abandoning Christianity, the European people can put worship of the State or ourselves above all else, and that will give us the fighting spirit to defeat our foes. I must categorically disagree with all of these groups and present the real solution to all of the problems that I listed, in order to fix ourselves we must undertake a crusade of the soul. Read the rest of this entry →

Andrew Anglin Isn’t Radical Enough

October 12, 2014 in Commentary

White Nationalist DiscourseA healthy debate has broken out in White Nationalist circles on the proper imaging, tone, and direction of the movement. It began with Ohio nationalist Robert Ransdell’s “With Jews You Lose” campaign, which RamZPaul objected to for being tone deaf. Andrew Anglin, the editor of the popular neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, leaped to Ransdell’s defense. Then everybody else dove in.

Anglin’s propaganda theory is correct. There can be and should be more polished and bourgeois outlets targeting different audiences, but any serious movement necessarily requires a bold and unapologetic presentation at its core, one which makes its case with vivid imagery and direct language, one which connects with the central driving force behind every street revolt: a minority subset of intelligent yet alienated and aggressive young men. Anglin’s “Full Retard” approach is masterfully executed, and his Daily Stormer site achieves more traffic and influence than most of his critics combined.

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Modern Family: “Normal Couple” Kills and Eats Itself

October 9, 2014 in Commentary

Febri Andriansyah, BEFORE

Febri Andriansyah, BEFORE

According to neighbors, Marcus Volke and Mayang Prasetyo were “just a normal couple“. Of course, “normal couple” is now inclusive of a depraved pervert and his interracial transsexual prostitute sex slave “wife”. Not satisfied with the self-indulgent decision to import and exploit a desperate Indonesian sex worker who had disfigured himself to succeed in the the growth market of Western perversion, Mr. Volke (a cruise ship chef) escalated his depravity to potentially record-breaking levels by slaughtering “her” and cooking up a cannibal cuisine of the rotting flesh.

Sick people happen, and debauchery has always been with us. But this particular incident is unique, a veritable symphony of depravity unique to our age’s unique concoction of degeneracy, depravity, license, and access. Transsexual fetishism is barbaric, unnatural, and sinful. Murder is a frightful crime and cannibalism is shocking and disgusting. But there’s another dimension of this sordid episode which hasn’t been addressed. That dimension is the blurred line between consent and exploitation as the world’s wealthy gain more and more intimate access to the world’s poor.

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Yevgeny Rodionov: The Warrior Martyr

October 7, 2014 in Commentary

The Holy martyr Yevgeny after being conscripted into the Russian military

The Holy martyr Yevgeny after being conscripted into the Russian military

The lives of the Saints are as varied as the entire spectrum of humanity. Some men and women are called to the ascetic life either to be alone in the wilderness. Others are called to small monastic communities where constant prayer, humility, spiritual insight, and wondrous works are the marks of their sainthood. Some saints are simple farmers and peasants, husbands and wives who give their lives in service to their spouse, their children, and their communities. One other form of saint discarded in this age of political correctness is the warrior saint.

The calling of the warrior saint is to defend not only his Christian faith, but also his Christian nation, community, and family.

Since the dawn of Christendom, the importance of nationality and ethnicity has never been questioned. While the Church is national, it is also universal. The Gospel is open to every man, woman, and child on the planet and as Christians we should strive to expand the Faith to the “four corners of the Earth” as Scripture commands. At the same time, we must not lose the importance of nationality and ethnicity in the Christian experience. Both the Hebrew and the Greek words for “nation” indicate an ethnic foundation of a nation, not simply a civic institution or a Constitution as modern American conservatives attempt to argue. The nation is not a Romantic Period phantasm or a Westphalian political instrument. It is an ancient and universal thede comprised of blood and soil. Read the rest of this entry →