Twilight of the Fundies

Donald Trump’s nomination and his electrifying speech highlighted the major rift in the United States, the one raging between actual ethnic Americans who are embattled, angry, and cynical against the recent immigrants and global cosmopolitans who genuinely favor the direction America’s been going in. For the latter, the America before Ellis Island was a dark and terrifying hellscape of slavery, oppression, nativism, and, well, basicallyfucking white males! Until Donald Trump came along, we “Amerikaners” were stuck with candidates who spoke in the language, imagery, and tone of the usurpers.

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The Purge Series: Anti-White Murder Porn

Everyone knows that the media pushes an anti-White agenda. That has been the status quo for decades now. I have watched plenty of popular films that promote multiculturalism, degeneracy and anti-White sentiment but when I sat down to watch The Purge: Election Year, I saw that this was worse than most. A film marketed as a silly and fun horror film is nothing more than a snuff film against Whites, an escalation of the anti-White rhetoric and the promotion of violence against us.

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Nice Attack Aftermath: New York Times Whines about the ‘Far Right’

The (((New York Times))) is kvetching about how the most recent terror attack will likely fuel more nationalism.

The devastating attack in Nice, carried out by a Tunisian man living in France, came at a moment of political ferment in Europe and seems likely to give even more fuel to anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim movements that are challenging established parties across the region.

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A Heartwarming Call for Disunity after the Nice Attack

Innocent civilians being slaughtered by the dozen has become the new normal. It’s now the natural and expected turn of events, rather than a jarring interruption of the West’s relative harmony and safety. #PrayForNice trended on Twitter for a while, the talking heads did their obligatory fist-shaking in the general direction of terrorism ‘n stuff. There were heartwarming calls for “unity” in the face of those who seek to “divide” us.

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