So You Wanna Be a Namefag?

In chan culture, “namefag” is a term of derision for a person who chooses to use a name rather than being anonymous on the board. It’s a culture where anonymity is prized and anybody drawing attention to his identity raises suspicion and oftentimes outright contempt. But for many, going public is seen a a natural next step, as a necessary act of courage one’s morally obligated to undertake.

Finally, you imagine, all of those jerks calling you a coward for hiding behind a computer will be silenced!

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All that Jazz: David Cole Stein’s Zionist Double-Standards

I wrote a response last week to David Cole’s demand that the AltRight bend the knee to Israeli Zionism. A painful thing about my relationship with Jews is that I am a smart-ass who loves insult comedy. I love it at my expense. I love it “close to home.” I enjoy Black comedians roasting on White people. I get a kick out of the antifa and infighting hit pieces on me. To this day, years after I happened upon it in a random comment somewhere, I’ll refer to myself as a “fat faggot in a fedora.”

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RE: The Lie of White Identity

It’s Going Down is the antifa’s attempt at a well-financed, intelligently-edited clearinghouse to bring some much-needed hierarchy and order to the anarchist community. One of their goals is to become a central hub of intelligent anti-white discourse, handsomely paying authors to showcase their ideology. A problem with this, however, is that anti-white rhetoric can’t actually survive in the wild. It doesn’t hold up on open platforms.

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On Optics, Linguistic Relativism, and AltRight Politics

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is a keystone of Cultural Marxism, one heavily promoted by Franz Boas, which applies the relativist assault on Western modernism to language. According to whorfism, or “linguistic relativity,” the structure and vocabulary of language drives human thought and consequent behavior, rather than vice-versa. The best popular cultural depiction of this phenomenon lies in George Orwell’s dystopian 1984, of a nightmarish future where domination and manipulation of language and words reinforces a tyrannical empire.

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Marching on Chicago

The livestream coming out of a Chicago apartment last week awakened countless White Americans to what the politicians and lying press have been trying to hide for decades; that multiculturalism is actually dangerous to each and every single one of us. Multiculturalism is dehumanization, violence, and even torture.

White Nationalists have long been the voice for the White Americans who have been abandoned, ignored, and forgotten by the corrupt system. The politicians and media want us to die quietly, to accept our demographic displacement, and to not fight back against the murder, rape, torture, and persecution that our people face.

As soon as the case in Chicago of this kidnapping appeared, nationalists jumped into action. Our comrade Paddy Tarleton wrote a ballad about the case, singing that “Whitey ain’t playing around this year.” This is one hundred percent accurate. We would not ignore this case, we would not just post about it, we were honor and duty bound to do something about it. Continue reading