Surviving the Censorship Storm

Major changes are afoot for this website and our project which were already underway before Charlottesville. In light of what happened there, they must now become our first priority. The change is a sweeping shift toward relying on blockchain-driven technologies instead of the traditional corporate Internet for both our private communication and our public outreach.

There will be some frustration and disruption with this process, but it’s imperative in order to maintain communication security, secure our propaganda platforms, and guarantee our financial streams we rely on to fund our rapidly growing movement. What we already knew in theory was manifested in practice this week: Google, GoDaddy, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and the rest aren’t neutral platforms like the phone company but deeply and profoundly hostile actors eager and itching to leverage their monopolistic control of communication channels to silence our political speech.

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Truth Serves a Purpose, A Response to John McWhorter

John McWhorter is “a cranky liberal Democrat” who supported Barack Obama, reviles the War on Drugs, supports gay marriage, and never voted for George Bush. In what timeline would a liberal Democrat who supported Obama be writing for the National Review? This one. It all makes perfect sense when you learn that he’s Black and he’s got something to say about how White folks should not think about or discuss racial issues.

On matters of race and identity, National Review eagerly defers to the enlightened opinion of the nearest Black man. McWhorter is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. His piece is too honest for a liberal Democrat publication. It could only be published at National Review because this Black man, a respected academic, defies liberal orthodoxy by coming out and saying what only a Black man would be allowed to say in our popular press; that the data confirming racial differences is pretty damn credible.

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Proud Boys Are Cordially Invited to Unite The Right

Update #1: Within a few hours of publication, the Proud Boys Official post disavowing the Unite the Right event and denouncing its organizers has been removed. We’ll patiently await clarification, but the rumors are promising that a less confrontational, divisive, and insulting approach to the rest of the movement may be in the works.

Update #2: An entirely new post under the original hyperlink has been uploaded. All of the attacks and insults have been redacted. Local chapters are welcome to attend by headquarters at their discretion. We at TradWorker appreciate this positive development and look forward to fighting alongside our Proud Boy comrades allies in whatever capacity they’re comfortable with.

“Based in Colorado” has clarified the “official” Proud Boys™ position on the Unite the Right event coming up in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. Gavin and crew unironically disavow the very ambitious and rapidly growing event on account of there being “racists” afoot. “So here’s the deal Proud Boys, if you want to go to the rally, I can’t stop you. […] Remember, we don’t allow racists in Proud Boys, if you decide to rub elbows with those people, you very well could find yourself being disavowed next time.”

We at TradWorker can assure any Proud Boys considering going rogue that they won’t be attending a “racist” event. While our organization and a couple others in attendance are indeed pro-White, the event’s not about race. It’s about freedom of speech and defending our historical monuments. Matthew Heimbach was a civil war re-enactor long before he became a White Advocate, and both the leader and TradWorker members will stay on message, welcoming and supporting non-identitarian and non-White allies at the event.

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The Werewolf of the North: The Mystery of Ancient Mathematics

The Second Consciousness

The art of counting finite things precedes civilization itself. It is simply inconceivable that primitive hunter-gathers had no sense of number. Even the higher animals, the warm-blooded predators, arguably have some kind of rudimentary sense of number.

The mortal mind cannot conceive of numbers as purely abstract units, but only as particular numerals, words, or things counted. Therefore numbers do not exist in the mind. But the mind’s discriminatory faculty is the only thing that makes one number different from any other number in its place. Therefore numbers do not exist outside the mind, either. But if numbers do not exist in the mind, nor outside the mind, from whence do they come into being? Numbers exist only insofar as they are feared. They are material things, at least as understood from this planet, and all matter is fear. Continue reading

The White Terror International: Weimar Germany and the Russian Civil War

After the Russian Civil War had broken out, a pro-German wing of the Russian White movement appeared in contrast to the pro-Entente sentiment of the mainstream Russian Whites. It must have been difficult for these Russian nationalists to forgive General Ludendorff and the Germans for aiding the Bolshevik Revolution and overseeing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Yet, in these outspoken Russians’ eyes, Ludendorff and the Germans had only been doing their jobs compared to the Western liberal powers, with their pro-Bolshevik banks and their corrupt negligence of their Russian ally’s logistical needs.

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