Slut Walk 2015: The same old song and dance

April 23, 2015 in Commentary

The Slut Walk 2015 season is here.  This means scantily clad women parading in the streets chanting “yes means yes!” and all the while pretending to be victims of supposed rape culture.  It’s the same old song and dance (even though they do it anew every year) of “muh sexual freedoms” and reductio ad Patriarchy.

On January 24, 2011, Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti said, ” …Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Sanguinetti’s abrasive advice is what started Slut Walk, and for the record I’m glad that we have men and women speaking out against rape culture in response to him.  I’ve heard worse advice on how to prevent rape, but it’s important to recognize that rape culture didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. Read the rest of this entry →

Ten songs for red-pilling your neighbors

April 22, 2015 in Commentary

logo_400x400Corporate music is junk, and independent bands leave so much to be desired.  Good music is hard to find and it’s even harder when your ear is fine-tuned for the destruction of the Modern World.

I’m almost positive that Julius Evola and Rene Guenon would frown upon us using the cheap expedience of YouTube to satisfy our musical appetite.  But, perhaps they’d give a nod to this fallible attempt at finding our Traditional soul.

Screw the neighbors.  Turn up the volume and get your red pill on because…

  1. Electricity is more-or-less affordable.
  2. Speakers, sub-woofers and sound receivers are replaceable.
  3. Your apartment complex manager ought to let you off with a warning before evicting you on grounds of sound and noise complaints.

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2015 AmRen Roundup

April 19, 2015 in Commentary

The Antifa Are Getting Pretty SeriousI have no idea what the final numbers were, but from all appearances, AmRen appears to be close to outgrowing the venue, a venue which is by all accounts the best conference venue in the circuit. I rode the city bus to my first American Renaissance conference in 2008 in the suburbs of DC, and was the only white guy on the entire bus. Even Spencer’s NPI conference in the Reagan Building in downtown DC, as accommodating and secure as it is, involves the very real risk of being confronted with whimpering faggots and angry blacks when one steps out of the security perimeter to enjoy a smoke between speeches.

Perhaps Jared Taylor will manage to fail upwards yet again when the professional anti-whites find a way to run us out of the state-run venue, but given the picturesque lake view, romantic catwalk stepping out over the lake, dense virgin forest, humble rural Tennessee charm, and over-abundant deer population scurrying about, I really don’t see how. Had it not been for Matt Forney drunkenly shouting “Deer!” each and every time one neared the road, I might have run one down with Matthew Heimbach’s car on the way back from the honky-tonk.

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TYN goes to the Movies: Review of The Wind Rises

April 15, 2015 in Commentary


Title of the film is taken from the poetic line; “Le vent se lève!… Il faut tenter de vivre! (“The wind rises!… We must try to live!”).” — Paul Valéry, “Le Cimetière Marin” (The Graveyard By The Sea)

Some weeks ago I did a review on Hiyao Miyazaki’Spirited Away (2001) and found that it was generally well received.  Well, all except for a handful who called me a basement-dwelling sperg.  Anime, animation broadly, is only incidental to Miyazaki’s way of telling stories and if you can get around that it’s some of the best storytelling out there.  I’ve described Miyazaki’s movies as lighthearted and whimsical, but The Wind Rises (2015) is not one of them.  Its message is probably the most mature and serious one that he has yet given.

The Wind Rises is a story about airplane engineer Jiro Horikoshi in pre-WWII Japan who designed the Mitsubishi A5M, and its successor the Mitsubishi A6M Zero.  As the movie’s story tells, Jiro wanted only to make airplanes and was reluctant to work for the government because he knew his planes would be used for making war.  During the pre-WWII years Japan was, like many of the Axis states, seeking colonial expansion; they wanted more land and greater political strength.  Jiro’s planes would be an instrumental tool in Japan’s aerial prowess, thus the muscle behind Japan’s political decisions.  This movie is fundamentally a story about Japan’s quest for political power and the person who was largely responsible for making it possible.  Of course, we already know this story ends with Japan signing an unconditional surrender after having its only two Christian cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) nuked into scorched earth (but that’s besides the point of this review).

There are distinct nationalist tones throughout the movie, but it’s more like a civic nationalist tone with a slight ethnic nationalist aftertaste.  One of the reasons for this is because of Japan’s incredibly high patriotic sense pre-WWII.  Happening concurrently was Japan’s manipulative trade practices that they used to bolster their faltering economy.  This is important to note because Japan needed economic independence and stability were it to shake Western influences and demands.  Japan’s quest for political power is so central to this movie that the bulk of interpretation will come from Francis Parker Yockey‘s Imperium Read the rest of this entry →

Where the White Women At?

April 13, 2015 in Commentary

Get Rid Of Slimy girlS!

Get Rid Of Slimy girlS!

Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer has become the most active and popular pro-white website, much to the chagrin of the “respectable” paleocon leadership of America’s White Nationalist movement. This development is in part because Anglin’s a talented and prolific polemicist, but it’s also because his political theory is superior to his colleagues’. While they’re wasting time and energy in futile attempts to win the respect of an establishment which despises them and eternally belabor the point that we’re factually correct on our key considerations, Anglin’s speaking directly to alienated and frustrated young white men who don’t care to look “normal,” wouldn’t want this system’s “respectability,” and take delight in triggering each and every taboo that the old guard so studiously works to tip-toe around.

There’s utility in projects like VDare, NPI, and AmRen, and I support all those projects, but they’re actually less relevant and politically impactful than sites like Daily Stormer, precisely because they speak to comfortable and respectable bourgeois whites. Comfortable and respectable folks who will anxiously scurry off at the first sign of aggressive or confrontational language aren’t where revolutions foment. The popular idea that we should focus on influence and entryism instead of developing radical dissident subcultures, given the tactical situation of White identity in North America, is almost certainly the worst and most stupid idea to ever plague this movement notorious for its bad ideas.

We need more angry young men, not more ‘race realist’ pensioners.

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