I have found it imperative to explain the views of how the foreign countries view the situation in South Africa. When we at Front Nasionaal speak to them about our situation in South Africa; and indeed we have spoken to many stakeholders in Conservative, Far-right, “Alt-Right” and Eurocentric parties and groups all over the world, this is largely due to the networking accomplished by our International spokesperson – Lenel Cotty Wessels.

When stakeholders do research about South Africa and it’s socio-political and it’s socio-economical situation they come back to us with the conclusion: “Things aren’t so bad – you seem to be coping.” Continue reading


Kyle Bristow Scores Landmark Second Amendment Victory

TradYouth continues to take the lead in not only street activism on behalf of our people and their rights, but also in the critical field of lawfare. On behalf of Traditionalist Youth Network, Kyle Bristow, a nationalist attorney who’s well-known in patriotic circles for his novel White Apocalypse and his essay collection The Conscience of a Right-Winger, now available in a convenient compilation, has scored a historic victory for our right to bear arms this week. According to Brad Griffin at Conservative  Headlines, Continue reading


The Empire Strikes Out: An Autopsy of Rand Paul’s ‘Liberaltarian’ Revolution

Before taking the red pill, I ran in libertarian circles. I, like so many others on the alt right, was a part of the Ron Paul revolution which came to its ignominious conclusion last night. Rand Paul achieved less than 5% of the Iowa caucus vote, and even much of that grudgingly and unenthusiastically, in one of the most precipitous wastes of political capital in living memory. What once threatened to completely overthrow the Republican establishment now struggles to fill its own conference venues.

From presidential nominees like Rand “Detroit Republican” Paul, to think tank groups like the CATO Institute and its endless stream of preachy articles rife with horribly skewed data claiming  “refugees benefit the economy,” down to social media “liberty” groups, there seems to be a politically correct bend to a lot of their messaging.

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The Collapsing Fairy Tale: Iranian Ayatollah and American Rapper Strike at Anti-White Holocaust Blood Libel

January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but this year the rites that usually accompany the Religion of the West have been met with defiance from likely and unlikely sources.

The Internet today embodies the Great Information Equalizer. The free exchange of ideas sans consistent Jewish interception has replaced pyramidal top-down ideological instruction from mass media, Hollywood, and the politicized Education system. The Jews have muddled history, defamed nations and races, and kept the lid on scientific advancements, but it’s getting more difficult for them to get away with it.

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Reflections on the Oregon Standoff

My sympathies are with the ranchers against the federal government, of course. My sympathies are with just about anybody against this regime. While the #OregonStandoff episode isn’t entirely over, I believe we can go ahead and conclude that it was a failure by any reasonable metric. A life has been lost. The leader of the project–who is in custody–is begging the holdouts to call off the standoff and go home, and there’s no indication that the government’s going to budge on the initial issue of the Oregon ranchers being subjected to double jeopardy and egregious “terrorism” charges.

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