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Matt Parrott

White Nationalism Doesn’t Need Planned Parenthood

By: Matt Parrott (23 responses.)

Patrick Le Brun’s latest article presents an attractive situational defense of American abortion policy in his Counter-Currents article, White Nationalists Need Planned Parenthood, Not the Pope. He relies on a compelling Christmas Carol-style montage of what America may well have looked like if abortion had remained illegal given the high abortion rates in the Black American community. It’s indeed frightening to consider, the haunting demographic spectre of forty more Detroits, but the whole line of reasoning is misleading and misguided, …and abortion is wrong.

Universal morality has become an epithet in identitarian circles. It’s become a codeword for pathological altruism, an excuse for colonialism, neo-colonialism, White Savior grandstanding, and White Genocide. On the lips of globalist clerics and kleptocrats, it’s synonymous with every fashion and flavor of social, political, and economic cuckoldry.

Universal Morality ≠ Mercantile Globalism

Universal morality has become synonymous with mercantile globalism over the past few decades. Aside from abortion, is there any way to tell Pope Francis’ speeches from Barack Obama’s? And even on that issue, can we know for sure whether the Catholic hierarchy’s pro-life position isn’t more due to its institutional imperative, as Patrick claims? The churches have been so eager to compromise every other aspect of traditional Christianity that their steadfastness in defense of demographically convenient lives does appear just a bit too convenient.

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Matthew Heimbach

The Role of Prayer In Our Personal and Political Struggles

By: Matthew Heimbach (6 responses.)

As Traditionalists and as nationalists, it can become easy to view our struggle as one only of the corporeal world, one where flesh, blood, and steel will decide the day in favor of either defeat or victory. A materialist worldview however is the opposite of what we should believe because the forces of the supernatural of God and His Saints play the most important role in whether we will be victorious and more importantly if our souls and the souls of our families and kinsmen will be saved.

Corneliu Codreanu told the members of the Legion of Saint Michael how prayer is more effective than any gun, speech or material effort we can muster. The Captain said,

Prayer is decisive element of victory. Wars are won by those who have managed to attract from elsewhere, from the skies, the mysterious forces of the invisible world and to secure their support. These mysterious forces are the souls of the dead, the souls of our ancestors, who once were, like us, linked to our clods, to our furrows, who died for the defense of this land and are still linked today to it by the memory of their lives and by us, their sons, their grandsons, their great grandsons. But, above the souls of the dead, there is God. Once these forces are attracted, they are of considerable power, they defend us, they give us courage, will, all the elements necessary to victory and which make us win. They bring in panic and terror among the enemies, paralyse their activity. In the last analysis, victories do not depend only on material preparation, on the material forces of the belligerents, but on their power to secure the support of spiritual forces. The fairness and the morality of actions and the fervent, insistent call for them in the form of rite and collective prayer attract such forces.”

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Matt Parrott

#ChristianLivesMatter: Against Dehumanization and Diversity

By: Matt Parrott (12 responses.)

One random day the month before last, I woke up with a long list of work and chores to accomplish and ended up achieving none of it. That was the morning that the gay black male prostitute Affirmative Action hire livestreamed himself gunning down a former co-worker reporter on live television. Was he White? Was he Black? Was he sexist? Was he racist? Was he anti-racist? Was he an Islamic terrorist? Was he a right-wing conspiracy theorist?

All of the different factions, including my own, were itching to figure out what was going on and how to frame it for their agenda. And I don’t even blame them for doing so. Today’s political environment has become a war of all against all. About a month before that, we tried to take the high road with Dylann Roof, driving thousands of miles to lay a wreath at the church to send a clear statement that we detest senseless slaughter, especially when it comes from our own ideological cohorts.

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Thomas Buhls

LARP your way to victory

By: Thomas Buhls (2 responses.)

The common canard that smug netizen critics lob at us when we’re being outspoken is that we’re LARPing.  These are the same people who wouldn’t know a good deal if it was right in front of their noses.  So what, who cares?  Obviously we don’t.  I don’t know where the line is between LARPing or activism, but if I had to guess it would involve measurable real-world success at achieving our stated goals.

But, nevermind the goals and the fact that we’re achieving them, what does a legitimate and authentic youth movement look like?  The aesthetic appeal and overall deportment and appearance is secondary to the group’s function because there is no singularly specific model for an authentic youth group.  The reason that social movements change their look and function over time is because the exigency that each respond to will change its shape over time, thus we must change our shape to respond properly.  Authenticity has something to do with effective functionality and the less money that it requires is all the more a testament to its authenticity. Read more…

Matthew Heimbach

Class Cooperation Against Capitalism and Communism: Third Position

By: Matthew Heimbach (5 responses.)

Last week was Labor Day, a holiday that is for the vast majority of Americans and people around the world. As we put aside the dishes and scraps of food from our BBQs and cookouts with family and friends it is important to remember what this holiday stands for and why it should matter to us. As income inequality increases in America and the West as a whole, immigration both legal and illegal drives down the wages of hard working heads of household. The means of production are continually put into the hands of an ever smaller clique of international Jewish bankers and their capitalist lackeys.

The importance of Labor Day is greater now than it has been in generations. Labor Day is not a holiday for the Marxists or the capitalists; it is a holiday for our people to celebrate our hard work to provide for our families and communities, but also to use it as an opportunity to organize against the forces of reaction and global Jewry to ensure that we will never live as wage slaves on the globalist plantation. Our labor is for our Faith, our family and our folk, not usurious Jews and multi-national corporations which seek to replace and destroy us.

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