A Premature Congratulation to the Syrian Nation

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy positively devastated the Syrian nation, which will not fully recover within our lifetimes from the senseless barbarity she unleashed for the most vile of reasons. And some of the “refugees” in the West are indeed legitimate refugees, not scheming jihadis or feckless deserters.

I would like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on America’s “canonical” Orthodox jurisdictions, all of whom either remained largely silent as their brothers abroad were subjected to genocide or, in some prominent cases, actively sided with the genocide to curry favor with the American regime they (understandably) figured would surely be the victor.

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They Took Our Jobs, …and We’re Taking Them Back

It’s been well over a decade since the iconic South Park episode aired where the ugly, stupid, White American worker cried out, “They took our jobs!” It can’t be understated how iconic this cultural touchstone moment was, as it captured the elitist opinion about the crisis facing our half of America in one amusingly insulting catchphrase. One can’t raise the issue of globalist job loss without someone in the group reflexively crying out in a feigned redneck accent, “They took our jobs!”

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Ohio Deserves Terrorism Because It’s Racist

Slate’s Will Oremus spent an extensive amount of time with Columbus, Ohio’s Somali invader community while working on his master’s thesis a few years ago. It was an eye-opening experience. Among his many enriching discoveries, he discovered that the people of Ohio are responsible for last week’s carnage because they aren’t giving them nearly enough programs, money, hugs, and birthday party invitations.

He declares that “It’s Wrong to Blame Somali-Americans for the Ohio State Attack.” He would rather blame the victims. As a Hoosier, I’m fond of reflexively blaming Buckeyes for things, but this a bit much. Continue reading


Against Eurasianist Anti-Nationalism

Prof. Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory (4pt) presents a flawed historiography, one which incorrectly dismisses the 20th century’s fascist movements as both decadent and derelict, a refuted and obsolete “political theory” which history has moved beyond in its inexorable march toward his fourth (and final?) “political theory.” A problem has emerged for his model only a couple years after its publication, the global re-emergence of a tide of nationalism and third position which, by all popular accounts, should be an anachronism.

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What Is “Gender Politics” and Who Are “Women Everywhere?”

In truth, there is no such thing as sexual politics. Even the New York Times has recently been forced to confess this. The iron law of the friend-enemy distinction precludes any such thing as sex politics or “gender politics,” for the simple reason that it is impossible to kill all the men on earth or all the women on earth. To even picture such a thing is nothing but a sick masturbatory fantasy, which is in fact what any “gender politics” really is.

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