The Orthodox Nationalist: The Destruction of Yugoslavia

Slobodan Milosevic was officially exonerated for war crimes at the Hague last week and the story was buried in the New York Times, yet it is one of the most significant events of the last month.

Tito’s Yugoslavia was not a Stalinist or Leninist state, it was not a centralized despotism, but a very interesting, if flawed, form of socialism. What made Yugoslavia strange and almost freakish among socialist states, is that they passed legislation for the sake of improving the lives of workers. For that, they were seen as the “black sheep” of the socialist bloc.

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Madisonville Anti-Homosexual Picket After Action Report

I had the pleasure of joining our Madisonville Kentucky chapter of the Traditionalist Worker Party as they took a stand against the radical homosexual agenda. The event began as I was notified by our local chapter leader, who is a small business owner in town, that several local banks and corporations were supporting this “Pride Festival” in town. Madisonville, Kentucky is a town of about 20,000 people and is approximately 86% White.

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One of our female members preparing to face the homosexuals in Madisonville

Confessions of a Stumped Trump Chump

Hillary has opened fire, challenging Trump to reject his “links” to the “AltRight” while warning that his attempt to discard us won’t cut it. She was perky, lively, and uncharacteristically energized as she lobbed one transgressed taboo after another at Trump. He’s a racist! He’s a sexist! He’s an Islamophobe! He’s a conspiracy crank! He’s not belligerent toward Vladimir Putin! He retweeted a guy who’s racist one time! She drilled through her list of broken rules with the aplomb of a frumpy schoolmarm who had finally gotten the better of the class clown who had been humiliating her the entire semester.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Tsar Nicholas – The Loss of a Great Man

On July 17, 1918 the royal family of Russia were murdered and today’s podcast was recorded on the 98th anniversary of the crime.

Tsar Nicholas is one of the greatest men of the 20th century. His reign was a success on all fronts. Industrial growth was extraordinary. Railroads were being laid throughout that huge country. Iron and steel production increased by about 156% between 1900-1913, while pig iron, or unprocessed iron, increased by almost 100%.

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Kill Your Local Drug Dealer: Rodrigo Duterte Against the United Nations

When Rodrigo Duterte was elected the President of the Philippines I wrote about how he was going to be far from business as usual for a leader in Asia and have been happy to see that position vindicated.

The same no-nonsense worldview that drove Mr. Duterte as mayor of Davao City to clean up the streets, improve social services, and crack down on corruption has been brought to the entire nation. Since taking office, President Duterte has had tens of thousands of drug dealers, pimps, thieves, and other criminals turn themselves in to the police in order to avoid either being shot by the police or by the vigilantes that are active with the blessing of the President.

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"Kill Your Local Drug Dealer" The official policy of the President of the Philippines