White Student Unions are Springing Up Everywhere!

Dozens of White Student Unions have sprung up for college campuses across America. The mainstream media first breathlessly reported all of them as entirely legitimate student organizations, and now they’ve completely reversed. Now they’re positive that each and every one of them is a hoax by “racist trolls.” We’ve confirmed that at least a few of them are indeed associated with enrolled students at the university who are organizing or who are taking steps to organize.

And even those social media accounts which were set up by people off-campus as a parodic response to increasingly ridiculous aggression and demands from non-White students and #BlackLivesMatter thugs are attracting real support. Even the ones which are created by “racist trolls” are attracting more than just media outrage. They’re serving as lightning rods for enrolled students to express their frustration. Thousands of actual students have shown their interest, and a subset of them greater than zero are sure to use those pages as a first step towards radicalizing and organizing in defense of their rights.

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TradWorker Meets with the NPD

A common complaint about us American nationalists is that we’re not as advanced and effective as our comrades in Europe. We couldn’t agree more! While we’ve had contacts and warm relations with European nationalist leaders for years, we’ve doubled down in the past few months on our networking with a concrete goal in mind. We need to learn what they’re doing right and figuring out how to adapt those approaches and ideas in our American context.

With that in mind, we’ve been traveling all over Europe recently for a series of private and public meetings with leaders and organizers of several of the leading identitarian projects. Germany’s foremost voice of the German nation, NPD, showed us the utmost hospitality. Local leaders took us on a tour of historic Weinheim. We humbly introduced ourselves to Jens Puhse, Udo Pastors, Udo Voight, among others.

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Being “American” is complicated enough without refugees

For those very few of us who still think of ourselves as American patriots committed to some abstract condition of exemplary Americanism, it’s already complicated enough without adding thousands of Syrian refugees.  Whatever it is that you enjoy about American society is going to change for the worse, and probably in a very permanent way, when your community is enriched with Middle East refugee-style diversity.  It doesn’t matter what kind of political persuasion or lifestyle you follow: If you think of the USA as your home and identify with American culture, your life is going to change for the worse when your city is flooded with immivaders.

War refugees are not like the typical immigrant.  They don’t assimilate, they aren’t good “house guests,” they bring over their extended family members via chain immigration and family reunification policies, they don’t want to work, and we get stuck footing the bill to subsidize nearly every aspect of their lifestyle.  But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  Let’s look at what we’re already failing to properly handle. Continue reading


RE: Todd Lewis on Hyphenated Christianity

The latest subscriber to our affiliate marketing program where we link to bloggers with less traffic than ourselves when they make wild and personal accusations against our project is Todd Lewis. His winning entry, “Contra Traditionalist Youth Network: Christianity Cannot Be Hyphenated,” goes for a straightforward Category C smear of our project.

Category A: Matthew Heimbach is Fat

Category B: TradYouth is too Christian

Category C: TradYouth isn’t Christian

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The World is Flat: Tolerating and Welcoming Refugees from the Hivemind

There’s been some controversy in the alt-right scene lately over whether the earth is a flat disk surrounded by the icy Antarctic wasteland or whether it’s spherical and spinning around. Astrophysics isn’t really my thing, but what I do know is that many of our supporters are Australians, South Africans, and Chileans, …none of whom report being upside-down. The TradYouth project takes no official position on the sphericity of the planet, but I certainly do.

The world is flat.

The world is flat, and it’s going to get flatter. I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. The traditional hierarchies and their methods of communication are getting flattened by the twin forces of massively distributed communication technology and the credibility crisis growing between the elites and the peasantry. This whole “flat earth” thing is most likely not a psyop intended to discredit us or an isolated incident to laugh off. It’s a harbinger of much more that’s in store as common folks lose faith in our society’s priesthood of appointed elders and start thinking for themselves.

We need to put a lot of thought into how we respond to the flat earth meme, because how we handle conspiratorial and anti-establishment positions of our comrades, allies, and persuadables will become a major challenge in outreach.

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