Hold the Corridor: General Wenck and the 12th Army

September 16, 2014 in Commentary

"Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior." -Carl von Clausewitz

“Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.” -Carl von Clausewitz

When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” -Joseph Campbell

There are times in history where the actions of a few can only be viewed as heroic. Those who are willing to truly live out the Biblical call that “there is no love greater than a man willing to lay down his life for his friend” -John 15:13 should be heralded as examples of courage and sacrifice by men and women of all nations. Against all odds those who are willing to put their lives on the line to save others are deserving of our praise, and that is why we should remember General Walther Wenck and the men of the German 12th Army. With their sacrifice in blood, the 12th Army was able to save hundreds of thousands of civilians from a fate worse than death, and with that act forever inscribe their names in the book of heroes for all ages.

After twelve years under the National Socialist government and six years of horrific warfare, the Third Reich was dying. The end of any war is one of desperation, and in the last days of the Second World War in the streets of Berlin it was especially frantic.

The dreams of the German people had been turned into a nightmare with the arrival of the Russian Red Army and the never-ending aerial assaults by American and British bombers on civilian targets. The once several million man strong armed forces of the German Reich had been pummeled in unceasing combat for years on end, leaving little to stand in the way of the combined Allied forces.

The combined forces of globalism had united to defeat fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and National Socialist Germany, and the Axis Powers were not going to be let off easily. Read the rest of this entry →

Identity on the Wire

September 14, 2014 in Commentary

Feyd-Rautha: [whispers] You see your death. My blade will finish you. Paul Atreides: [thinks] I will bend like a reed in the wind.

Feyd-Rautha: [whispers] You see your death. My blade will finish you.
Paul Atreides: [thinks] I will bend like a reed in the wind.

Identity is fluid and never solid.  We are not the same people today that we were yesterday, and we will not be the same people tomorrow.  That meddling tribe of Culture Distorters would have our identity wiped from the face of the Earth, but we are quite the resilient moving target.

Arguments against interracial marriage are tired, stale, and everything that can be said about the issue has already been said.  Truly, I have no need to exhaust myself repeating or rehashing any of the fine arguments that were made before my time– but let us instead consider why we are a hard target and cannot simply be washed away in a flood of forced integration..
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The Scam of the Scottish National Party

September 11, 2014 in Commentary

unnamedNationalism is good, but not all nationalist movements are good.

Right now the world’s attention is being directed to Scotland and the question of whether or not the 300 year union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland will remain as one.

Many nationalists in the West, eager to watch an ethnic group assert itself over the mainstream narratives of multicutrlualism and civic identity are cheering on the Scottish Nationalists and the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) as the tight race comes to ahead on September 18.

However supporting the Scottish Nationalist movement on traditionalist grounds is equally as naïve and futile as white nationalists supporting the right-wing Ukrainians against Russia’s reassertion over its traditional lands in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, (and former Communist) is proposing, that upon independence from Westminster, the new independent Scotland apply to join the EU. Now to any casual observer, this should immediately be ludicrous to be discussing the “oppressive’ behavior of the EU, meanwhile the EU makes over two-thirds of the policy decisions for the average EU member state. Hence any successful independence movement followed up by EU membership is beyond silly. It is an utter lie.

On the macro-level, what is occurring here, is the attempt by EU overlords to carve up the doggedly Eurosceptic United Kingdom and bring it into the EU federal state, much like what has happened/is happening to the former Yugoslavia.

Hence it is perhaps because of this backdoor attempt to get Scotland in the EU that Tory, Labour and Lib Dem unionists have conducted such a poor effort in attempting to actually preserve the UK as they don’t care about it in the first place. Read the rest of this entry →

Positive and Negative Identity: What We Are and What We’re Not

September 9, 2014 in Commentary

I newly returned from a vacation in Georgia, and am refreshed in a way I had not wholly expected. Part of my mood can be credited to a day of boating at Harding Lake, witnessing a very special baby’s first birthday festivities, visiting the Callaway Gardens -which feature a tropical plant sanctuary, picnic areas and a pristine-feeling tucked away chapel – or even simply general Southern welcoming and hospitality.

Certainly, my positive interactions have left me beaming. Yet, there is a certain comfort and reaffirmation one experiences in contrast. As my all-time favorite author, Hermann Hesse, once wrote, I would sooner give the happiest days of my life over the saddest precisely for the person the latter shaped me to be.

For those who know me more personally, it is repeated information that I was quite taken aback by the image of a black woman in Atlanta sporting a leopard-print tunic with side-slits up to the bra complete with a pair of black “coochie cutters.” Equally shocking was my exposure to what I confidently dub the biggest low-lives on the North American continent while stranded in the Houston airport-area. I failed to spot another white person after leaving the airport, and the third-world population serving the area clearly had criminal tendencies. Read the rest of this entry →

How to be a Professional Pain in the Neck: Public Records Requests

September 4, 2014 in Commentary

Public records requests are the easiest and fastest way to fact-check you opponents.

Public records requests are the easiest and fastest way to fact-check your opponents.

The Culture Distorters and liberal-progressive activist communities always have some of the most sensational stories, but half the time (okay, most of the time) they’re piling it on like pros.  The conservative and far-right community faces a lot when dealing with the liberal-progressive community, because, let’s face it, they”ve got better creative writing and art skills.  Yes, they’ve got a bigger mouth than most members of the far-right, but that same loud mouth and burning desire for sensationalism is also a major weakness.

Consider the case of Luke O’Donovan, a queer who was arrested for supposedly defending himself in a fight where he and multiple of his attackers were stabbed.  Fliers supporting the Let Luke Go campaign have been popping up around campus, and if you take it at face value like most of the kids around here then I’ve got a bridge to sell to you. Read the rest of this entry →