How SJW’s Block /pol/itically Correct Speech, and a Model for Intervention

September 29, 2014 in Commentary

4Chan's /pol/ and /v/ are redefining their relationship with m00t.

4Chan’s /pol/ and /v/ are redefining their relationship with m00t.

Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and their vanguard in the video game journalism industry are successfully making a hostile take-over of the gaming subculture.

Quinn, Sarkessian, and others are marching around the gaming community while generally crapping it up with their fanatical beliefs of what constitutes social justice.  You can read more about what they’ve done and why they’re doing it anywhere on the web, but you’re not going to find out how they pulled it off.  A major component of their campaign, carried out in large parts by their peers in the games journalism industry, relies on public shaming and intimidation.  If it was only as simple as shaming someone that you disagree with then we could have stopped this problem a very long time ago.  The truth is that it is more complicated, but it’s not hopeless if you understand the mechanics of these kinds of coups.

SJWs are attracted to money.  Yes, they do their work for free, but nothing in the world attracts SJWs more than the chance to control who has access to money.  If there’s no money then there won’t be any SJWs trying to control it. Read the rest of this entry →

Lawyers, Guns, and Money: TradYouth Stands for the 2nd Amendment

September 26, 2014 in Commentary

"The reason for the right to bear arms is to protect against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson

“The reason for the right to bear arms is to protect against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

TradYouth Files Amicus Curiae in Support of our Second Amendment Rights

Our brilliant and dedicated legal team has filed an amicus curiae brief in the federal Fourth Circuit court regarding an attempt by the neo-liberals to further curtail our Second Amendment right to bear arms in Maryland. As most of our readers are aware, much of what we at TradYouth routinely do would be illegal without the basic protections we enjoy, with the Second Amendment having the greatest chilling effect of all on this government’s ongoing campaign to reduce us to disarmed, brainwashed, and godless homo economicus drones.

We’re generally skeptical about the utility of working within this increasingly corrupt system, and convinced of the futility of “conserving” what little is left of our political inheritance left to be conservative about. But freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are two (perhaps the only two) issues where I still find myself proud to be an American (politically) and more than eager to struggle within the system (and without, if it comes to that) on their behalf. I’ve always been proud of my “American” ethnic identity, an increasingly confusing point as we drift farther and farther from the European Christian origins. But this fight isn’t about identity, it’s about the right to defend all our identities and all our ideals against an increasingly aggressive and militarized state.

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Sophie’s Selfie and the Disease of Mass Culture

September 24, 2014 in Commentary

A parody of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World."

A parody of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World.”

Francis Parker Yockey, a Jewish Philosopher, and an Iranian Cleric walk into a bar….

Okay, but seriously, what would a post-WWII far right lawyer, a member of the Frankfurt School, and an Iranian Cleric have in common?  Each of these people are opposed to mass culture and its destabilizing dangers, and last week’s release of the iPhone 6 begs for a cultural critique.

Theodor Adorno (born Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund) was a member of The Frankfurt School but is most well remembered for his critique of mass culture.  Yockey is most well remembered for writing Imperium, and also for his resurgence of influence within the American far-right activist community.  And then there’s Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi.  He’s one of Iran’s highest clerical authorities, and is most well known for having issued a fatwa against the InternetRead the rest of this entry →

The Bright Future of Secession in the West

September 21, 2014 in Commentary

Catalonian secessionists are gaining more and more support both at home and abroad.

Catalonian secessionists are gaining more and more support both at home and abroad.

For many nationalists, the defeat of the SNP and the Scottish referendum comes as a mighty blow to those who want to “crush the system.” However, despite the debate over whether the SNP was a legitimate nationalist movement or not is now no longer the concern. Despite the result and fall out after the vote, there is still much to be optimistic about the future of secessionist movements.

Regardless of Scotland’s loss, the referendum can still be called a success as it has now given even more momentum to other secessionists groups in Belgium, Italy, Ukraine and Spain. By no means have we seen the end of secessionism, if anything we are witnessing a beginning.

Already, in the wake of Scotland’s no vote, Catalonia is still planning an independence referendum this December.

Pat Buchanan recently pointed out that , “Europe’s secessionists have waxed ever stronger since the last decade of the 20th century when the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia splintered into 22 nations and Czechoslovakia broke in two.” Read the rest of this entry →

Action Report: Bedford Outreach Campaign

September 19, 2014 in Commentary

Close to 100 of these flyers were distributed in Bedford last night

Close to 100 of these flyers were distributed in Bedford last night

The most important form of activism is directly reaching out to the people of your local community. Books, articles, and podcasts are great and undeniably important, but actually directly connecting with your friends and neighbors is the best way of growing a social movement.

Bedford Indiana is the next, and certainly not the last, city where Trad Youth will focus manpower and energy on recruiting local youths and supporters of all ages to the message of Tradition. After several inquiries about our message and activism by local Bedford resident, we have decided to begin the process of creating a new chapter of the Traditionalist Youth Network outside of the university setting and instead focusing on channeling a wide based social movement that supports Traditionalism in local cities and towns that surround the Indiana University campus, with Bedford being our first stop.

The inquiries we received from residents of Bedford were from a diverse group of citizens, a telling tale of how so many White Americans are feeling disenfranchised by the current political climate, growing economic hardship, and changing demographics of the towns and counties that they grew up in.

One of the gentlemen who reached out to us is a family man, one who spent several years away from his family to fight overseas in Afghanistan. After returning to the Hoosier State he found that the government that was so eager to send him to war was less than willing to take care of him after his honorable service on the other side of the world. With poor care and long wait times at the Veterans Affairs clinics and local hospital, our new friend was frustrated that he was unable to afford traditional medical care and had to wait weeks if not months for specialist appointments he needed. The physical and psychological effects of fighting take a toll on any man, and instead of returning to a proud nation, he was quickly moved to the back of the bus. Read the rest of this entry →